Poker School Club $50 Tournament

1. $10 for Supplies and Expenses, Cards, Equipment Ect, Food BYO drinks.


2. $50 Buy-In (for $5,000 in chips) Freeze Out! (No Rebuys)


3. No "Chopping" will be allowed at this time


4. Players that arrive early will be awarded and addition $500 chip, all players that have paid and are seated at 7:00 will be awarded a chip, if you are in line too bad, if traffic was bad too sad, if you were here early but did not respond to the Evite over 24 hours ago... No chip. 

5. This event will earn championship points.

Starts at 7:00 p.m. Sharp - If there is an extra stack you can buy it, we WILL NOT start addational tables after 7:25, Show up early!


5% Tip to the person that runs the tournament highly recommended... Just Sayin

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