Poker School Club Membership Process

Membership in the Poker School Club is a by invitation only. This is one of the many reasons why the Poker School Club is one of the top clubs of its kind, it has the very best members and it is extremely exclusive.

Unfortunately not everyone will be invited to join.

The membership process:

Current Full members in good standing may invite (sponsor) a guest, that member is fully responsible for all conduct and actions of their Probationary Guest up to and including losing their own membership do to actions of their guest.

A Probationary Guest may attend club events with their sponsors for six months while the club members and executive board get to know the Probationary Guest and determine if they should be invited to join the Poker School Club. A Probationary Guest MAY NOT attend club events without their sponsors. Sponsors MUST introduce their Probationary Guest each and every time the guest attends an event.

All Probationary Guests must be registered through evite by their sponsor. The sponsor must register, with evite, the Probationary Guest as a guest of the sponsor and state the Probationary Guest’s name in the comments section of the evite.

After three months, but no later than six months, the sponsoring member must approach the executive board and petition full membership for their Probationary Guest. The board will vote yes or no at this time and if accepted the Probationary Guest will be granted full membership rights and privileges and will be added to the club email list. If full membership is not granted to the Probationary Guest, the Probationary Guest may not attend any future club events.

It is encouraged that the sponsor and the Probationary Guest attend all club events during their probationary period.

It is also encouraged that the sponsor make direct introductions of their Probationary Guest to all the executive board members and long standing charter members to increase the chances for the Probationary Guest to be awarded full membership after their probationary period.

*** People Are NOT just “Added to the evite list”!***

Please feel free to direct any membership questions to a board member.

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